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Planning A Wedding - Try These Suggestions For Your Party

When planning a wedding, you may want to find something very special in the line of entertainment. All wedding parties tend to have a disk jockey or a wedding singer, but to make your wedding party that extra bit special you may want to try some of these recommendations. An artist that sketches caricatures of your guests could be a lot of fun. The guests would enjoy showing the sketches to their friends and it would be a nice memory of your wedding day. These artists are becoming very popular for parties, weddings and corporate events. They are an ideal entertainment to keep your guests entertained before dinner.

There are a number of novelty acts which you can hire to add fun to your gathering. How about a juggler who will mingle among the crowds of people or perhaps a stilt walker who you can use to make announcements? These fun ideas are a good way to get everyones attention and to create a jovial atmosphere.

When they are children present at the wedding party, you will need a way of entertaining them. Face painting is always a big favourite. Face painters can make the children look like Disney characters or superheroes. This will keep the younger children entertained and add a sense of fun to the event. Another way to keep younger people and children entertained is to hire a puppeteer. The puppeteer can have a wedding theme to his story and children will be amazed at the show.

A photo booth hire at your wedding reception can be an interesting diversion for your guests. The photo booth usually comes with an operator who will explain to the guests how it operates and will be available, should there be any technical difficulties. The guests can use props provided to add a fun element to the photos. The photos can be printed or uploaded to social media sites and shared. The wedding couple can also have access to all the photos that were taken. The operator will give the couple an album of the printed photographs and also a USB stick of the stored folders.

Hiring a wedding harpist can add a beautiful, musical touch to your wedding celebrations. The wedding harpist could be part of the ceremony or part of the general entertainment at the reception. Harp music tends to be very laid-back and can provide a beautiful ambience to the party. If you want to have a nostalgic feel to your wedding reception, how about hiring a barbershop quartet. This a cappella group are usually dressed in a red and white uniform similar to a barber shop pole and can even write and sing customised songs that will suit your wedding.

Finally, whatever additional entertainment you hire for your wedding, it is best to have the performers customise their act to suit the style and theme of your wedding. The goal is to provide a spectacular and memorable occasion for your guests, one in which they will recall and talk about for a long time after.


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