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A Look At The Life Of Famous American Astrologer Evangeline Adams

Evangeline Adams is one of the most notable American astrologer of all time. Her career hit its pinnacle when she went to trial for practicing astrology, which the court considered fortune telling. The case was successfully thrown out and she was not convicted. In fact many prominent people came to her rescue and gave testimony to her character and value of her work. She did quite a bit of astrological work of course, but it's her later work that she is most known for, as it was on the national level.

She perhaps is most famous for being the astrologer to J.P. Morgan who publically stated he used astrology in his business deals. Her clients included the wealthy and the middle class. Even her later work was of course early 20th century, with her death being in 1932. So, that means that much of her earlier work was in the late 19th century. What was it like to work as astrologer back then? You have the work you do in person, and then it's said that she did work by mail as well and had a radio show.

You know about her books and her predictions, but that wasn't until later. She became a certain type of public figure later whose few predictions that came true would stand, she is accredited with making astrology popular in the early 1900's. Some of the predictions of Evangeline Adams include the stock market crash of 1929, World War II, the prediction of presidents as well as the astrology practice of everyday matters which include finding dates for important events.

Another interesting fact about Evangeline Smith Adams is that while she never married and never needed to rely on a man for financial support in a time when woman were not expected to work outside of the home. There is more to the story than that, she was extremely successful business woman. Although she pursued her career as a famous astrologer many people expected that she was a very gifted psychic. There are many accounts of her being able to tell an individual facts and details of their life that would be considered out of the normal range of a traditional astrology reading. Whether a straight astrologer or astrologer with deep intuitive side she made a deep impact for woman and astrology.

Joseph Campbell And His Teachings

To those who do not know him, Joseph Campbell is, in a few short words, a hero to mythology. Hero in the sense that he took the truth out of the story - comparing different mythological stories from all over the world, to pare them to their most basic teachings, whilst drawing parallels in real life.

You can easily find the whole breadth and depth of his teachings in the book The Hero With A Thousand Faces, which is a compilation of all his works. From an early age, Campbell had been an avid reader of mythology, not just of the Greeks but those of different cultures in different parts of the world. Beginning with his main book you can get a good intro to his works and then discover the vastness of the different spiritual truths when you read more about the ageless wisdom of other cultures and their myths.

The sum of Josephs teachings can be summed up in these words: The hero on his journey to following his bliss. He maintains that bad experiences or challenges are really nothing more than starting points to arriving at what we need to do in this lifetime, and getting from Point A to Point B, from rising above the challenges to becoming the person we need to be is called the heros journey..

All stories in the world have a heros journey attached them when simple men and women are posed with seemingly insurmountable challenges, only to conquer after a deep journey within. .

Campbell states that there is a parallelism to the mythological stories and that of real life. Thus, challenges or problems should be dealt with some degree of detachment - they are merely triggers that send us down the path to bliss, that is if we rise up to the challenge and become what we need to be..

Another of Campbells teachings is that there are spiritual truths buried in every story. Take, for example, the King Arthur story where a horse had to be cut in half in order to enter into a magical kingdom. The mythologist scoffs at literal interpretation. For him, the story is all about discarding the physical body and physical attachments in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment. .

Campbells works have been cited as a reference by different modern authors, including New York bestselling author David Wilcock, whose books include The Source Field Investigations and The Synchronicity Key, which tackles the overwhelming evidence for deliberate synchronicity as against happy coincidences.

Life Advice - What I Learned While Seeking Inner Peace

Life can be immensely difficult, and it's often hard to find answers on what you should be doing or where you should head in the future. Everyone you talk to seems to want to make it about themselves and slant your concerns towards their own agenda. It's immensely frustrating at times, especially when you feel lost and are simply in need of a little guidance.

That is the exact position I found myself in, time and time again. After finally growing tired of it, I decided to simply take the reins and do a bit of "soul searching." Talk like that can be easy to dismiss if you're the cynical sort, but in all reality it does actually make a difference. We all live in our own head-space and see the world through unique perspectives. As far as coming to terms with where you've been, where you are, and where you're going, the best possible place to turn to for answers or guidance is within yourself. Keep it real Astrology revealed to me my inner source, it was shown to be a reflection of my true inner being, higher self and gave me the confidence to do what I came onto the planet to do.

No matter what dilemma you're facing, it's as simple as accepting it and then calmly thinking it through from there. If you've struggled to forgive yourself for some mistake you made, you have to simply realize it's in the past. Face it head on. It's done, so what can you do to improve yourself now and in the future? A lot of the time, a mere shift of perspective is really all that's necessary to make serious headway on even the most serious of issues you might be struggling with.

It took a long time to come to this understanding, but it finally clicked one day after endlessly realizing that things aren't as I wanted them to be. I'd always focused so much on what was wrong and how that was making me feel as opposed to what I could do about it or what I needed to change to avoid falling into all of the same old destructive patterns over and over again.

Now, I truly feel I have a better sense of inner peace than ever before. I'm relying less on others to give me my own sense of worth. I'm accepting my own responsibility and taking "fate" into my own hands. If I mess up, I dust myself off and get right back out there. It's hard to keep a calm enough attitude not to panic when things aren't quite right, but if you simply focus on acceptance and moving on from there, you'll eventually find yourself capable to grow and take on whatever new challenges each day may bring.

Why Do Some People Choose To Be Spiritual And Not Religious?

In a perfect world, those who are choosing to be spiritual would be religious. However, in today's world, many are walking out of the doors of the churches vowing to never return. Does this make them no longer believers?

The short answer to this question is "no". However, it's much more complicated than that. In fact, just because someone chooses not to attend church, doesn't mean that they're not spiritual.

Is there something missing? Is it perhaps the minister, rabbi's, priests or bishops fault? This is a complicated question.

Many people are seeking something but not finding it. So they go church hopping in hopes that perhaps they're just missing it in the first few churches that they've tried. For some, this will ultimately end them up where they belong, for others, it will become a journey that ends them up as a spiritual person that isn't religious.

So is there a gaping hole? Is there really something missing? Or, is it simply that churches of today are no longer a perfect fit like yesteryear?

Perhaps what they are truly searching for is answers to why there is so much poverty in America. Why is there so much uncertainty?

In their quest to be more spiritual, they find out more often than not that they don't have to hearken the doors of a church to find peace and comfort.

By helping others and by focusing on being a part of the solution in lieu of the problem, they are finding that they can fulfill that hole in their sense of being.

In their quest for answers to some really tough questions, they've found that the answer is right in front of them and it doesn't involve a brick and mortar church to be effective.

Too many churches of today are looking down on the poor and weak. They are creating more of an issue by judging and condemning instead of helping those who have less.

Instead of reaching out, they are recoiling afraid of the homeless. They aren't recognizing that that homeless person may have lost many great friends in the war and been so deeply affected by it that they are unable to hold down a job and thus, unable to secure a safe home for themselves.

Being spiritual and not religious is facing the truth about such situations and instead of watching from afar, these folks are choosing to be a part of the solution.

The Characteristics Of Taurus People

People who are born under the sun sign, Taurus, are born between the 21st of April and 21st of May. This is quite an interesting astrological sign to be born under and in this article, we will be looking at the Taurus people Zodiac traits and characteristics.

One of the most well-known traits that Taurus people have is that they are extremely generous with their friends, family members and people who are generally in need. They are always willing to lend a helping hand, even if it means that they themselves have to endure certain hardships or loss. People born under this sign are also dependable which makes them exceptional employees, friends and lovers. When you need them the most, they will always be there for you.

Other positive traits that Taurus people usually have are independence, patience, persistence and they are extremely down to earth. They are very sensitive and sensible which means that they are well liked by many people and when they become successful, it rarely goes to their heads. Taurus men and woman both are very patient and believe in doing a job well or not doing it at all. If they set their sights on a specific goal, they will put all of their energy and effort into it despite any failures or setbacks.

Now that we have covered the positive traits, we will now look at the negative ones. Unfortunately, Taurus people can be stubborn, lazy, materialistic, self-indulgent and possessive. Taurus people are well known for being bull-headed and stubborn even though they are generally easy going and respectful. However, they can be inflexible at times and when they are not interested in your arguments, they will simply stop listening!

Some of the things that most Taurus born people like are comfortable surroundings that are aesthetic or pleasing to look at. They also crave stability, security and routines in which to work and socialize. They are very organized people who dislike disorder or chaos. In the workplace, they will have a hard time getting along with superiors who are particularly bossy since they have strong personalities of their own.

In closing, we have just covered some of the general traits of both Taurus men and women. Of course, not every single person will have all of the above traits, since there are other signs that influence a persons personality. So, with that said, continue reading and learning about astrology, since it can truly help you to understand yourself and your loved ones.

The 12 Chinese Horoscope Animals And How To Know Which One You Are

The Chinese based their horoscopes on animals. There are 12 signs, just like in the traditional zodiac we all know, but their names and their cycles are different. First of all, you should know that each sign lasts for one year. After this period of time, we enter the next sign and so on until the 13th year, when we enter again the first sign.

Here are the 12 Chinese horoscope animals, in order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. In order to calculate which is your sign, you have to go back to your birth year and see which was the sign of that year. Actually, you don't have to browse through the calendar by yourself, as there are many websites where you can enter your birth date and have your animal sign returned to you almost instantly.

You have to be aware of one more things: the Chinese year doesn't begin on January 1st as you may think. Their beginning of the year moves within a time frame between January 21st and February 20th. If you were born in this interval, you have to check your specific year and see which was the date of the new year. After that, you can see which your sign is. Next, you can proceed to reading more about it and believe it or ignore it.

Basically, people having their birth date in a certain year share several common features which are also believed to be characteristic for that animal. You can study these characteristics whenever you have an important decision to make or you want to enter a relationship and you want to see if you are your potential partner are a good match from this point of view. If you are compatible, you can start a romantic relationship that has good chances to evolve very well. If not, you may have a bumpy journey together, culminating with a break up.

There's a common belief that it is bad luck when your zodiac year comes around. This means every 12 years you are going to have your share of bad luck. In fact, all the people are going to cross bad luck periods when they are 12, 24, 36 or 72 years of age. Nonetheless, specialists advise to counteract the effect of your sign year by wearing something red an older relative gave to you. It's up to you to do this or suffer in silence these cyclic adversities.