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How I Helped Myself With My Self-sabotage Issue

I used to think of myself as a successful person because I had goals and was working hard towards financial freedom. I decided to go for an astrology consultation because I felt that I could benefit from understanding myself through the chart and that I would grow as a person.

The astrologer I worked with was very helpful. He helped me realize that my own attitude was an issue. I used to think of myself as someone who was a realist and who always made rational decisions. My astrologer pointed out that I sometimes sabotaged my own projects by being too negative.

I started thinking about what the astrologer said and realized that this pattern of self-sabotage had been present in my life for a long time. I chose easy classes in college because I didn't think I could get good grades by taking the most difficult classes. I gave up on a lot of projects because I felt I couldn't be successful.

Life coaching with astrology has helped me realize that I often adopt a negative outlook on things even though there is no need to. I am more aware of the thoughts I have and of the attitude I adopt and this has really helped me become a better person. Changing the way I think and feel about things has not been easy but it was definitely worth it.

Realizing that I had been self-sabotaging a lot of projects was important because it helped me feel better about things that I used to consider as failures in my past. I think this new outlook on things is going to help me achieve my goals because I am not going to stop the next time I have doubts about my abilities to do something.

The more I thought about my own problems with negativity and self-sabotaging and the more I realized that I wasn't the only one with this problem. A lot of my relatives and friends have been doing the same thing with their projects without even realizing that their attitude is the main obstacle that is keeping them from being successful.

I think life coaching with astrology has really made a difference for me. My view from astrology world has expanded my horizons. I have learned to focus on the positive and to always look for a solution and a way to move forward instead of letting negativity and failures keep me down. Become aware of my self-sabotage issue definitely took me one step closer to achieving my goal of financial freedom!

Knowing How You Feel: Types Of Emotions

How are you? You say youre okay?

Arent you angry? Or maybe youre frustrated? Annoyed? Disappointed? Agitated? Furious?

Or perhaps, youre happy. Yes, you can be happy, or then again, you can be contented, joyful, surprised, grateful, cheerful, elated or ecstatic. It is amazing how many types of emotions people can feel. If we are to come up with a list of emotions, Im sure youd end up with a great many adjectives. There have been several attempts to identify the types of emotions. Among the scholars who gave some thought to a list of emotions include Robert Plutchik who identified eight basic emotions (fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, trust, anticipation and surprise), as well as Aristotle who noted anger, friendship, fear, shame, kindness, pity, indignation, envy and love. They both laid out a pretty good concept about different types of emotions and what they mean, but what really matters now is understanding your own emotions and how they affect your life.

Emotions have a huge impact on people.

Emotions are the reasons why people often find themselves in situations where they wish they can take back what they said or what they did. Remember that time when you were really overcome by your emotions and failed to hold your tongue during a heated argument with someone?

Emotions are why people often resort to impulse buying. Remember that item you bought which you dont really need? All because you felt that you were having a satisfying bargain and since you felt sad at that time, you need to cheer yourself up.

In other words, emotions are the reasons why people want to be in control of their feelings, and not be dominated by them. What are your most common emotions and how do you handle them? How do you react to situations? Can you easily show your emotions? Can you fully describe your emotions?

It helps to develop the habit of thinking and self-reflection when it comes to how you feel. This is one way to manage your own emotions and understand yourself better. Just like Plutchik and Aristotle, you can come up with your emotions list and see how they make an impact in your life. Find out what decisions you likely make based on your emotions. Find out what emotions youre more likely to feel when you are with certain people individuals. Wont that make put you at an advantage when it comes to controlling how you feel? Youd decide which circumstances and which people to be with to enable yourself to display a certain feeling.

There is much to learn about knowing how you feel. The exercise of increasing your awareness about your emotions will help you become a more balanced individual. Besides, youll have a more interesting answer than okay the next time someone asks you about how you feel.

Depression And Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem can ruin the mental health of a person and those with baja autoestima are more prone to depression. Those who have low self-esteem think negative about them and always expect failures in their activities. Over a period, this state of mind may lead them to more severe mental health problems like anxiety and depression. People with low self-esteem hesitate to take up new tasks or even to complete the task that they have already taken up out of the fear of defeat or failure. All their activities come to a standstill thereby making them unable to lead their life the way they really wanted. When days pass by they develop severe frustration and ultimately they become victims of mental depression. Many people have low levels of self confidence because of their low self-esteem and the lack of confidence prevents them from taking challenges at the workplace. As a result they fail to advance in their career and consequently become mentally depressed.

Low self-esteem and mental health problems help mutually

People with low self-esteem never want to face the problems so as to solve them but they try to run away from the problems. They prefer to hide away and never like to express their views or feelings. They wrongly believe that by remaining in isolation they can feel better. As a result of this unhelpful behavior and negative thinking their relationships also get affected and ultimately they are taken to drugs and alcohol. This will make their life more difficult and also they may develop many health problems physical and mental. Depression can be one of the mental health problems that they may develop in the long run. Low self-esteem and mental health problems like depression always facilitate each other. The mental health problems lead them to isolation and tempt them to think negative about them ultimately bringing down their self-esteem. While isolation and loneliness lead to low self-esteem, low self-esteem makes a person to develop negative opinion about him which in turn leads him to isolation.

Mental health problems can be prevented

While low self-esteem of a person makes him develop depression, depression takes his level of self-esteem further down. A person who has developed depression finds it difficult to stop thinking negative about himself because of his low self-esteem. However, such people should not consider it as a 100% impossible task. They can start doing things that they enjoy or the things in which they are good. This will help them to build up self-esteem and slowly they can gain self confidence. The task that they undertake can be of any type a paid assignment, volunteering or a hobby. Work as well as hobby helps people to keep their minds engaged and it helps them to have a routine of activities every day. From the activities they get either mental satisfaction or monetary benefit. They also get the opportunity to develop friendship and also they get an identity in the society. This will help them to effectively prevent mental health problems.

Read about raise your self esteem in

How To Raise Your Self Esteem

Low self-esteem and lack o confidence is suffered by many people, and they find that prevents them from achieving their full potential in life. In many cases, it would be beneficial to talk to a trained counsellor or therapist. To help raise your self-esteem you may also find the following advice useful.

Raising Ones Self-Esteem Is A Process And May Take Some Time

First, you will need to address the reason why you have low self-esteem. Did it come from your childhood? Are you in an abusive relationship? What kind of people do you have in your inner circle? Do you suffer from depression? These are some of the questions you will need to answer to get to the root of the problem. Follow these suggestions below to help raise your self-esteem

Write Down All Of Your Positive Qualities And Accomplishments

Secondly, make a journal. List all of your accomplishments. Think about and write down all of the good things in your life on a daily basis. For example, be grateful for waking up in the morning. Be grateful for having a roof over your head and the food inside your belly.

Attitude of Gratitude

Give gratitude for all of your blessings, which is a great way of raising your self-esteem. Review this list throughout the day or as much as you can. If you cannot think of any accomplishments, start by being kind towards other people like saying hello to your neighbours. How we treat others is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Therefore, think of something nice to say to someone. Ty to see good in other people.

Help Out Others In Need

Volunteer some of your time to a non-profit group or charity . This will give you a sense of purpose. However, do this from the heat and not to please your ego. Help and elderly person by seeping their sidewalk or by carrying their groceries. Just help someone in need. Think about how you feel afterwards. Once you have done a good deed, add this to your list. This is also very effective in raising your self-esteem.

Appreciating Ones Self And Affirming Your Well Being

Look into the mirror and see the beauty in you. Take the time to appreciate and love yourself. See how God made you beautiful being, because our creator does not make junk. Create affirmations while you are looking in the mirror. For example, I love myself or I am beautiful. Affirmations will train your mind into feeling this way, it they are said daily and repeatedly. Do this every morning upon waking up for at least 15 minutes or more and every evening

Let Go Of Your Resistance

What you resist will continue or still exist You must lean how to b receptive. Learn how to receive a praise or compliment from others. Just surrender to the Divine. Think of something that is positive and make you happy, while saying your affirmations, write them down. Where did these difficulties come from? Meditate and listen, look for answers within.

Finding Solutions And Healing

Think of solutions on how to overcome them. Get in contact with the inner-child. If necessary, et the inner-child cry or get angry to help you heal, as long as you do not hurt yourself or anyone else. Dialogue with the person who made you felt this way. Express your feeling that you could not do when you were a child. Release them out of your system by take a deep breathe out and learn how to comfort yourself. Give yourself a big hug and connect to the divine.

Surround yourself with people who are positive and supportive of you. Your friends should be uplifting and encouraging. If they are not, you need to change your inner-circle. This includes you mate as well. Some people will zap you energy. Many will berate you so they can feel good. Listen to your vibes or instincts about people. Mostly importantly, learn to love yourself

The Importance Of Rapport In Neuro-linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a science which involves the use of various body of knowledge in order to employ learning methods for you to deal and cope with any behavioral and social conflicts and concerns. Employing such a method should require you with a number of strategies and techniques for you ensure that you are doing well in your NLP method.

One of the most important elements that you can attribute with NLP is rapport. Indeed, rapport is very important and it has been considered vital in many different aspects. Rapport is required to build good relationships among clients. Rapport is also established during one on one session with your doctor or psychiatrist. Thus, rapport makes and establishes relationship.

What is rapport?

In order to better understand the function of rapport especially in the field of NLP, it is best to define it in the proper sense of the word. Rapport, in this case, is one of the most crucial foundations in NLP. Its presence and use should be vital and indispensable. Now, the following are the functions of rapport in NLP.

It opens for a smoother social interaction.

There is a sense of awkwardness when you start to open up with someone you barely know. Thus, it needs rapport to at least start such a conversation.

It opens the opportunity for influence and persuasion

You would not be able to convey your message properly if you have not established a good rapport with that person. And if you fail in establishing rapport, surely you cannot be able to influence and persuade such person.

It reduces objections and possible resistance

When you start to engage a conversation or convey a message to a group of people you dont know, surely they have their own doubts and suspicions about your message and ideas. However, if you are able to establish rapport, you reduce such objections as you pave way for a more fluid social interaction without the resistance.

It is true that some people are just born talented in establishing rapport. However, not all of these people are able to fully harness the function of rapport building in the NLP method. Thus, it is best the one should be able to capitalize on rapport building so that one would be able to effectively employ the methods in NLP as it can directly and radically change your life for the better.

Intolerable Signs That You Are A Pessimist

A pessimist is a negative thinker. It means that you only think nothing but the worse out of a certain condition or a situation. Dont you know that being a pessimist is a grave cause for you to be stressed? Thus, it is only but fitting and proper that you kill the habit of being a pessimist in order to keep yourself from getting stressed.

Stress has already been known to cause various physical ailments in the body. It has even caused some people to experience mental breakdowns and worst, stress has caused some people to be sent off in a loony bin. See, this shouldnt happen if such person is able to employ the effective ways and means in order to properly manage the stress level in the body.

One of the best ways to do so is to stop being a pessimist. For all you know, you might be a pessimist yourself. And if so, you need to control your stress level in order for your body to be able to cope up with the daily challenges ahead. However, before you attempt in doing so, it is best for you to find out some signs whether you have been a pessimist:

You practice Doomsday effect A Doomsday Effect is a condition that lets you worry and at the same time fantasize of something grave that will about to happen. When you do this, you are actually envisioning something bad to really happen. Thus, you worry so much about something that has actually really havent happened at all.

You over-exaggerate possibilities What are the chances that you come home from work with bruises all over your body? Surely, its about slim to none. But if you over-exaggerate possibilities that would possibly happen, then it can be pretty stressful too. If you over-exaggerate the possibility that you will come home with a broken hip because there are a number of transportations that you have to dodge while crossing the street. That would be too far-fetched of a possibility!

You make unreasonable generalizations The mere fact that you dont want to deal with someone just because he belongs to a certain group of people can be pretty stressful too. Its hard to generalize people or even groups and that would cause you to be stressed.

Experiencing wild emotions Avoid feeling extreme emotions as they are unnecessary in a given situation. They can cause stress too.

Simple Tips To Help You Become More Aware Of The Present Moment

Was there ever a time when you suddenly felt like you just woke up from a deep sleep, and realize that days, months or even years just passed by like a blur? Like for example when youre driving and you just realized that youve already arrived at your destination. It may seem surreal, but it can really happen. One of the main reasons for this is because your mind wasnt really there, right at the very moment that you were driving. You might have been thinking about an event that happened a week ago, or busy thinking about your trip next month.

Its true that it can be quite a challenge to learn how to stay focused in the present moment. It just seems natural to sometimes have our minds drifting into the past, or maybe in the future, but not in the here and now. However, its important to learn how to become mindful of what is going on within you and in your surroundings in the present. Otherwise, you wont be able to truly experience life as it happens. If you want to enjoy every single moment in your life, you need to find ways to help you become more aware of the present moment, such as practicing mindfulness, or just simply taking deep breaths.

To learn more about mindfulness, please watch the video below.

Heres a simple exercise that you might find helpful. As youre reading the next few words in this article, try to read the words slowly. Read each word one at a time, and as you continue to read, try to listen to your surroundings. Do you hear anything? What kind of sound do you hear? Pay attention to the sound and try to determine what youre feeling right now. Do you feel tired? Are you comfortable seated? Now pay attention to the way you breathe. Are you breathing fast or slow? Take the time to simply allow yourself to observe all of these things. Savor the moment, and youll realize that its only when you pay attention to any of these things that youre able to appreciate them more.

Understand that if youre not mindful enough to focus yourself in the present moment, what usually happens is that youd be getting on through the day on autopilot. It means youll only be reacting automatically without taking the time to carefully think about your actions first and what the possible consequences will be. Understand that when you dont take the time to live in the present moment, you wont be able to make the most of your life. Instead, youll only end up watching your days pass by, and even your goals slip away with time.